When We Need it Most

Last week a copy of the Whole Seed Catalog arrived in the mail for me. The Whole Seed Catalog is a catalog unlike any other. It is nearly 400 pages of stunning photographs of plants along with guides to growing and harvesting said plants. It includes stories of farmers and seed warriors around the globe. It’s filled with how-to’s on gardening. And of course it has that little white form that allows you to pick and choose and order seeds for yourself.

As if all of that isn’t enough, the whole idea of this catalog holds special resonance for me personally because I was one of a team of people who worked on a project digitizing the real Whole Earth Catalog in the late 1980s. Don’t remember the Whole Earth Catalog? Too young to have even heard of it? Google it. I am feeling transported.

And who amongst us could not use some transporting right about now. I mean every winter, gardeners look forward to thumbing through seed catalogues as we anxiously await spring’s warming soil. But this winter many of our heads are spinning and splitting from the racist, xenophobic, misogynistic coup that is taking place in the united states right now. Our hearts are breaking from the attack on Muslims in Québec City, the ranting of alt-right leaders in Europe. Sometimes you need a flower to soothe your battered soul and when all you have is this…

… it feels wondrous to flip through something like the Whole Seed Catalog. Though don’t get me wrong. I spent close to 20 minutes in below zero weather wandering through my garden of winter detritus. It is still a heart warming event to bear witness to Mother Nature and her always continuing cycles of life and death. There is always something new to see and learn and there is always beauty.

So as we do what we can to bring justice and love into our worlds, let’s also bring refuge. Let’s not forget that Mother Nature is a never-ending sanctuary of life lessons and serenity. Take it wherever you can find it. And pass it on to someone who could use a little peace and love.

Winter, I Cry Uncle

So my brother asked me today why I hadn’t been posting anything in my blog. I guess somehow he forgot that winter started late here and is damned if it’s not going to hang around late too. This post is for him. I don’t think I have to say anything else except see you in the spring. Click on the pics to see better.


I think this might be a blueberry bush. I guess it could also be the top of the lilac. The rest of it is snow but I’m guessing you knew that.


This is for sure one of the blueberry bushes. Poor thing. Just a baby too.


Garden beds. Under a bit of snow.


More garden beds. Under more snow.


Some perky little bit of something. Oh, and snow.


The lovely white of winter. More beds under, yep, snow.

Blueberry Buds in Winter

This was earlier in the season before the blueberry bushes got completely buried.


Also early in the season. Oregano, I think, tossing little oregano snowballs.

Bird Tracks on Snow

But hey, the birds are dancing!